Building Your Own Potter's Kiln
with Graham Sheehan
(72 minutes)

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This video guides you through the construction of a 25 cubic foot gas-fired kiln that is a perfect project for the novice builder, yet large enough for a serious hobby potter or a beginning production potter. It begins with layout and design for the foundation, and includes the placement and cutting of bricks for walls, and the building of the firing chamber, the door, and the sprung arch kiln roof. The detailed materials list and working drawings that come with this video make this the most comprehensive kiln-building resource available today. Nothing is taken for granted, from the initial layout to the final brick in the chimney.

A materials list and working drawings are included as digital files along with the video files.

"[An] excellent video . . . . The visual and aural aspects are without flaw." (Book Report)

"This video has excellent instructions for those who can commit to the project." (Video Librarian)